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Do you manage Social Media for many Team Members? Then you may have many workspaces. If so, with custom tags it'll be easier to group your workspaces and filter them by a specific label when scheduling content, saving it to My Ideas or Uploads in the Graphics Editor.

In order to add a tag to a certain workspace, go to its settings. There will be the box to insert a label.

Type in the text, hit Enter on your keyboard and it'll be automatically saved.

Also you can select an existing tag, the one that is already added to other of your workspaces.

How can you utilize it?

Schedule a post

When scheduling a post hit on the arrow as shown below.

In order to find a certain workspace type in its name or find it by the tag hitting on the Filter button.

Having selected the tag, the necessary workspace(s) will upload.

The next step is to pick the pages to publish this post to.

Save image in the Editor

When you want to save a certain image that is contained in one workspace to another, click on the gear icon on the visual, type in the tag and select the necessary workspace.

Save to My Ideas

When saving to My Ideas, the flow is the same. To learn more about My Ideas head over to this article. What is important to note is that tagging a workspace must not be confused with tagging an image when saving it to My Ideas.

For now you can't find a tagged image in the search bar, but we plan this update in the future.


If you have any additional questions or need more help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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