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How can I add a video to my post?

In Just Social Post you can schedule videos to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Although, video publishing is limited to Instagram, Pinterest and Google My Business. When attempting to post a video to these platforms, it won't be published, but it's previewed instead.

So, how can you add a video to a post? There are two ways you can start the post creation:

  • Create a post from scratch
  • Schedule a post in a certain Time Slot

Create Post

Click on the Create Post button located in the top bar menu.

In the post editor form upload the video file from your computer.

Right away you will see the video being uploaded.

Time Slot

In the Calendar select a certain time slot hitting the blue New Post button.

Choose Create Post from Scratch.

Then pick a video from your computer as described above.

When it's time for the post to be published, be prepared that it will be live in the feed in several minutes, because the video needs to be converted on Just Social Post server first and then on Facebook end.

If there is any issue, check out technical limitations for video publishing in this article.

Also please mind these minor, but very important nuances when preparing video content:

  • One video is allowed to be posted at a time
  • You can't post more than one video or a video and a GIF or an image at a time
  • Change video name before uploading it, because you can't edit the file name inside Just Social Post
  • When reposting a video post, the video itself won't be re-published, but only the text if any. That is why you'll need to re-upload the file as you initially did

For future updates, we are working on preview selection and possibility to change video name directly in Just Social Post interface, and improve the video reposting process.


If you have any additional questions or need more help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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