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Why are my posts not published?

It may happen at times that you see a not-published post marked as red in the Calendar. Why can it happen?

Different reasons may cause it, such as insufficient rights on the page or inappropriate content or so many others.

If your Facebook or LinkedIn post has not published, you may need to reset the token.  The API on both of these platforms requires users to reconnect the token every 60 days.  Simply click Disconnect then Connect these socials every 60 days, and you'll be able to continue posting to these platforms.  Here's an article on how to connect your social pages.

Due to the system specifics, we do not display the reason in your Calendar dashboard. Instead, we encourage you to contact us and we will investigate your account along with the page.

That is why, please, provide us with the page ID when submitting a request.

In order to know the page ID, open it in the Calendar and take a look at the address line. There in the middle of the text you will see the ID.

Once we receive your request and are able to provide you with a solution we'll contact you back.

Thank you for your patience!


If you have any additional questions or need more help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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