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Rights of a Member in a workspace

In order to schedule, publish or edit a post, it's not enough to be added to the Workspace. You need to have access to the page. For example, when it comes to adding a Facebook business page, you must have admin or editor rights on it.

Attempting to do so a message as below will pop up notifying you that you don't have sufficient rights to post there.

Example #1

If the workspace Owner published a post, the Member will see it in the Calendar, but clicking it won't see the post's expanded view.

Example #2

If the workspace Owner scheduled a post, the Member will also see it in the Calendar. Even edited by the member, he still won't be able to proceed with posting or scheduling it.

But it all changes when, as a Member, your co-worker becomes an Admin on the Facebook business page itself.

They will then be able to publish and schedule content to the social pages within the workspace. Also you can access a post made by the owner, giving you an ability to repost it, see its statistics or simply view it.

Being a member you can see other workspace's participants and disconnect yourself, as well.

Though there is still one restriction left - Members can't add new social pages as well as other participants to the workspace


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