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If you have ever wanted to schedule a post over several dates, look no further. We have recently introduced our latest feature: Post Repeating. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to use this feature.

Please note that repeating option is disabled for Twitter posts. According to their updated Terms of Service, you can no longer post the same tweet to more than one account.

Once you have either created your own content in the editor, found a great template to use in the Post Ideas Library or have uploaded your own content, simply hit Schedule.

When you are scheduling your content you will be prompted whether you would like to repeat your posts or not. Repetition is set to "Inactive" by default, so if you would like to repeat your post, simply toggle the switch to "Active."

This will expand the window allowing you to choose the parameters and rules for your post repetition:

  • Daily
  • Weekly

Regardless of what type you choose, there always will be a summary in the bottom to confirm the timetable.

Repeating Posts Daily

Want to repeat this post on a daily basis every 5 days? This means the post will be published automatically in a 4 day interval on the fifth day, as illustrated in the calendar sample below.

Repeating Posts Weekly

Another option is to select the "Weekly" type of repetition and certain days of the week.

For example, if you pick Tuesdays and Fridays and you put no time limit, the post will be published automatically forever until you disconnect this page.

But you can decide on when the recurring posts stop. There are two types of expiration:

  • By date
  • By count

Prior to selecting either "By date" or "By count" keep in mind what repeating type you have on.

Expiration By date

If you prefer "By date" expiration then you need to pick a specific day in the calendar.

Example #1: "Weekly" repetition

You want a post to post each week on Monday.  You can select the end date, in this case it will stop posting as of Tuesday June 30th.  This post will post 5 times then stop.

This means it will be posted on June 8th and repeated every Monday, until Tuesday June 30th.  As you can see the day you start off is the first day in the recurring queue. In addition you are prompted that it will go live 5 times.

Example #2: "Daily" repetition

If you click "Daily" repetition (every 5 days) and 'By date' expiration (June 30), the post will be published 6 times.

Expiration By count

Example #1: "Weekly" repetition

If you want to schedule your post by count, you would select the day of the week you want it to repeat weekly for, then after X amount of posts it will no longer post.

Example #2: "Daily" repetition

If you click "Daily" repetition (every 5 days) and "By count" expiration (June 30th), the post will be published 6 times.

Here are some very important notes to remember about Repeating Posts:

No multi-page editing

After you've set a post to be automatically repeated to several social pages, and suppose you want to change something in the post, the edits will be applied for a post within a selected social page at the moment, so you need to put the same changes manually to the post for the rest of the pages that it has been scheduled to before.

The first day

Just to reinstate, the day you start the recurring also counts as one for the post to be published on apart from the days you've just set.

Delete a post

Apart from editing a repeating post, you can also delete it, but deleting one will lead to deleting the whole chain, so you'll need to re-do it once again.

Change time

In case you want to change the time of a repeating post, you are free to do that. Just click on the text above it (highlighted below).


If you have any additional questions or need more help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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