Common Errors When Connecting A Page Why can’t I connect a page?

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Once signed up for Just Social Post, the first step is to connect your social pages. If you need some assistance on how to attach one, check out this article.

Below are some common error messages that you may encounter when trying to add a page to your Just Social Post account. We hope the following explanations provide you with additional clarity.


'Your profile is already associated with another Facebook (ID number) account!'

This is one of the most frequent errors that pop up when attaching a Facebook page to your Just Social Post account. It means that there is another account in the system that contains your personal profile.

Provide us with this Just Social Post account email and we will easily disable this connection.

'Account Doesn’t Belong To This Facebook User'

This is another common message that emerges when you try to add your Facebook business page. In short, this stems from not being logged into the correct Personal Facebook Profile associated with your account. Head on to this article for further instructions.

Instagram & Twitter:

'No pages to connect or all available pages are already connected'

Usually, you receive this text while adding another Instagram or Twitter account, and you know for sure that you own some more. Don't worry, you do! The trick here is very simple - switch to the necessary account in the same browser at or

2 stage verification to connect Twitter

Unlike when you connect with one click Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, with Twitter you are prompted to pre-login to Twitter.

And then your pages will be listed in the drop-down menu.

If you are facing other issues that are not specified in this article, please refer to Facebook, Instagram and other collections in our knowledge-base.

If you have any additional questions or need more help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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