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How can I change color, background and use HEX code?

You might not like the color, background or picture in the template. Change it easily!

  1. If you want to change background, click on 'Backgrounds' tab in the left bar menu or use search.

2. If you want to change the color of any object, you are free to use the palette or a HEX code.

If you want to use a particular HEX code color, feel free to do it, it's pretty simple.

  1. Click on the object, so the color palette will pop up;

  1. Click on 'Custom' to find the necessary color. In the bottom it's code will be specified in the box. Feel free to note this HEX code so you can paste it later for another object.

Similarly you can change the text color:

  1. Pick the textual object;
  2. Click on color and choose 'Custom' section;
  3. In the HEX-code box paste the code.

If you have any additional questions or need more help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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