As entrepreneurs, we know what it’s like trying to keep up with Social Media content creation across a variety of platforms. The time that it takes to create quality content in all the various sizes can put a serious dent in your day! I’m sure you can relate, it’s usually just one or two of us running the whole show. With Social Media being such an integral part of all businesses, we knew we needed to find or create a better solution - for everyone!
And so, we started out on our journey to find a better solution to manage all our social presence. Along the way we found several platforms that gave us parts of what we were looking for, we also found companies with a bunch of hidden costs. None were perfect, what we wanted was a simple all-in-one solution that wouldn't break the bank.
And so Just Social Post was created, a one stop social media solution for less than a cup of coffee a day. Built for entrepreneurs and small business owners with over 100,000 ready to use completely editable quality posts. No longer did we need to stress about creating content. Easy-to-use, no hidden costs - everything you need in one platform.

Connect It

Connect to all your socials!  Quickly post to one or several social media platforms, all at the click of a button.

Create It

Search our completely customizable content library of over 100,000 posts ready for you to use. Love what you’re seeing? Add your favorites to My Ideas so you can keep track of everything you’ve posted. Or create your own posts from scratch.


Schedule It

Take the stress out of wondering what to post and when. Our AI scheduler will plan it out for you, posting the right content at the right times. Create it, Schedule it, and that’s it. See all your socials on one calendar, or view one social at a time.



Our AI scheduler will also let you know about upcoming events so you don’t miss a thing!


Measure It

Track all your posts in one place. Track your engagement, Followers and Posts. Repost high performing posts. We know it’s important to see the full picture, so we include reporting, statistics and dashboards on each of our plans.